Death of Jean-Christophe Victor: 5 things you did not know about the presenter of “Beneath the cards”

Entertainment 29 December, 2016

Jean-Christophe Victor, creator and presenter of the program Arte Opening Maps died suddenly at age 69. He was the son of the explorer Paul-Emile Victor, whom he called ” Pev ” and journalist Eliane Decrais (a time at the head of the magazine it ). ” Dad The light went out,” said Violette, his youngest daughter. 5 things to know about Jean-Christophe Victor.
From his father Paul-Emile Victor, a charismatic man and idol of several generations, Jean-Christophe Victor, eldest of the four children, had inherited the taste for travel, discovery and transmission (he taught)
Jean-Christophe Victor is operated with open heart at 10 years. In 1958, her mother, who is a journalist, tells the story of this operation in Minneapolis, USA, in the pages of Elle magazine. As a result, Europe 1 launched a major campaign of solidarity ” Child “which will make it possible to set up in France the first operating theater.
He spoke in particular Chinese and Persian . Expert in geopolitics, the show creator Opening Maps (26 antenna on Arte), Jean-Christophe Victor graduated from Chinese at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations and had applied to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The 70s hoping to get a job in Beijing … And found himself attached cultural in Kabul!
A teen look . He had an almost juvenile admiration for the great explorers (James Cook, Dumont D’Urville, Charcot, etc.) and a look that was just as much. This father of four children refused to wear a tie and a jacket on the air and, in life, packed himself with backpack and held more than casual.
A beloved father . Jean-Christophe Victor often spoke of this wonderful but often absent father, to the point that one day his mother was fed up and packed up. With him he made many trips and wrote four hands, Antarctica Planet in 1992.
This is his companion who announced his death on his Facebook profile. Virginia Raisson who heads Lepac (Laboratory of Political Studies and cartographic analysis, founded by his companion, posted this poignant message: “” Dad The light went out , ” said Violette, the youngest of his four children . Yesterday, my kids lost their dad and I love my life. I want to believe that he joined his father in heaven great men. Those who pass the point. ”