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Entertainment 21 August, 2017


Jerry Lewis was 91 years : he died this weekend in Las Vegas, according to his agent. The comedian has marked a generation, especially in France, where it has been a huge success in the 60’s.

He was awarded, in 1980, a Caesar of honor to Louis de Funès. Jerry Lewis, american humorist, was particularly appreciated in France, perhaps more than in his country of origin. Having started her career in a duo with Dean Martin, the actor was known to the cinema in the 50s, before moving behind the camera : he wrote, produced and directed The Bonkers of the palace (1960), and then realized The Zany Hollywood (1962), et especially Doctor Jerry and Mister Love, in 1963, which took off her career in the Hexagon.

The 70’s were a more difficult side career for Jerry Lewis, who, however, is back with a vengeance in the 80s. He has in particular obtained in 1984 the legion of honor, awarded by Jack Lang, then minister of Culture. The american humorist has elsewhere in the country was the first presenter of the Telethon, France, during the first edition of the December 6, 1987.


The agent of the actor has announced that he had passed away on Sunday, August 20, in Las Vegas, at the age of 91 years. He had been suffering for some time from pulmonary fibrosis. Jerry Lewis has continued to turn up at the end of his life : he appeared to be in 2016 in the movie The Case of Benjamin and Alex Brewer, where he was the father of Nicolas Cage.

Jerry Lewis

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