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Entertainment 6 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

Before you marry Laeticia, Johnny Hallyday has had several women in his life “. Adeline Blondieau is part of it and has even been married twice in the rocker.

In addition to being a huge singer Johnny Hallyday was also a deceiver. The rocker, who died at age 74 of lung cancer in the arms of Laeticia, had a thousand lives, and five wives. If he dies married to Laeticia, the last woman of his life, Sylvie Vartan and Nathalie Baye, two of his ex-wives have made a vibrant tribute this morning.

But Johnny was also married with Adeline Blondieau, 28 years his junior, the daughter of his friend and lyricist Christian Blondieau, more known under the name of Long-Chris. Adeline was 19 years old when she married Johnny Hallyday, 50 years in 1990 to Ramatuelle. A star couple who is on the cover of newspapers, and even get all the steps of the Cannes film festival that same year. Two years later, this is the end. Johnny and Adeline Blondieau divorce. Before you remarry once again, in 1994 in Las Vegas. A union of short duration, because only a year later, Johnny and Adeline separate and the may 9, 1995, they divorced again.

A love story passionate and high-voltage which does not prevent Adeline Blondieau react also on 6 December at the announcement of the death of her ex-husband. even if his reaction is more subdued than that of Sylvie Vartan, a bereaved and Nathalie Baye. On his account facebook, Adeline Blondieau has quietly replaced his profile picture with a black frame as a sign of mourning…

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