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Entertainment 17 December, 2017


Last weekend, the public was shocked by images of the filmmaker Claude Lelouch shooting very close to the personalities in tears at the funeral of Johnny Hallyday. On the plateau It is not lying, Christine Angot, but also the actor Philippe Caubère and the singer Calogero, have defended the filmmaker.

It was the controversy on the day of national tribute to Johnny Hallyday. On the 6th of December last, the rocker died of the continuations of a cancer of lungs. A few days later, loved ones, celebrities and crowd of anonymous are come to do him homage in Paris during a ceremony broadcast live on television. But the public was shocked to see the director Claude Lelouch out his phone to film it very close to the personalities in tears during the ceremony at the church of the Madeleine. His gesture was considered inappropriate and disrespectful.

This Saturday evening in the show It is not lying, the actor Philippe Caubère has defended the filmmaker : “I found it wonderful to see Lelouch with his big blue coat, awful, ( … ), and his tiny phone in the process of filming. But it can’t do it, Lelouch to Johnny’s funeral… I found it extremely touching to see Lelouch film. I found it extremely fair. “

Christine Angot has signified his agreement with the actor : “It is a situation, in place of the Madeleine, where there are cameras everywhere, there’s the tv. And you don’t understand that the guy who is a filmmaker, so a phone for filming people that are filmed non-stop. At the moment one is supposed to honor the artists. I do not understand. “. After this outpouring of support for the director, the singer Calogero on the board has come to the conclusion, “I am sure that the film is so beautiful.”


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