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Entertainment 9 December, 2017


In the night of 5 to 6 December, Johnny Hallyday has taken their last breath. Narrative of the last moments of the star with his wife Laeticia, the one who watched until the end, which has organized the coming of his loved ones at his side.

Since the march of march 2017 and the announcement by Johnny Hallyday himself from his disease, diagnosed in November, his family have never lost hope, wanting to believe until the last breath as Robocop as it was called by his friend Eddy Mitchell would win this new obstacle. It must be said that in recent years, Johnny Hallyday has defeated the disease : during a hip operation, there are complications and must be immersed in a coma artificial, a little later, he admits to having a small cancer of the colon. Despite these glitches, health Johnny to come back up on stage, valiant in spite of illness and suffering.

But on the 6th of December, Johnny pushes his last breath. The end of suffering, the singer is off at his home in Marnes-La-Coquette on the side of Laeticia and daughters Jade and Joy, but also of the mother and the grandmother of Laeticia. In the previous days, his friends came to see him and his children Laura and David, and Nathalie Baye. On the Thursday before his disappearance, he was watching the movie of their road trip on route 66 in 2016 : a final farewell to his buddies.

The Savannah Johnny Hallyday is left in the arms of Laeticia

Paris Match revealed for this Friday the last few moments that have lived together Johnny and Laeticia, the last after 22 years of love. Tuesday evening around 22 hours, the doctor who sleep daily on the singer, who was hospitalised in his home and under constant supervision announces the terrible news to the mother of Jade and Joy. ” Madam, it is now “, he would have-he said. Laeticia, accompanied by her mother, Françoise Thibaut, and Elyette, his grand-mother, then would have decided to join Johnny in his room that facilitates good healthcare of their villa to accompany him until his last breath, spoke a few moments later, at his home. ” There is nothing more to do “, had warned a few hours earlier the doctors. “It is necessary to prepare for the end and stop the processing“. In the Face of doctors, Laeticia will try to cope, trying to believe that his man would unleash nothing, determined to finish his album… before collapsing into the arms of his loved ones.

Hospitalized at the clinic Bizet pour respiratory failure, Johnny had wanted to return to his home, with his family, he had even resumed some form of chemotherapy lightweight having regard to its degree of weakness. Johnny had lost 15 kilos et not get up almost. But back home, the weekend before his death, he had a new respiratory distress.

Johnny will be conscious until the end, laying down Laeticia his blue eyes electric. Johnny Hallyday will be buried at St Barth, according to his will.

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