Death of Johnny Hallyday : Jean Dujardin, the chef Jean-François Piège, the relatives of the star around Laeticia devastated by the grief – Gala

Entertainment 7 December, 2017


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Johnny Hallyday died in the night from Tuesday 5 to 6 December, at his house in Marnes-la-coquette, surrounded by his family. Since the announcement of his death, the celebrities succeed one another at his bedside to pay their last respects.

Since the announcement of the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday, the cars are constantly coming and going at the home of rocker in the small town of Marnes-la-coquette, located in the Yvelines department. Several celebrities have moved to the Savannah, to pay a last tribute to the idol of young people, but also to comfort Laeticia and his two daughters, Jade and Joy. In the early morning of Wednesday 6 December, the businessman Jean-Claude Darmon, a friend of Johnny Hallyday, arrived first on the scene. Shortly after, around 8 am, this is director Claude Lelouch has made his entrance into the abode of the rocker. Very close, the two men have toured together in several films, such as The adventure it is the adventure or the Bastard we love you. A few minutes later, the musician Yodelice was also his appearance. In the late morning, the comedian Muriel Robin, complete with dark glasses, entered with his companion into the remains of Hallyday.

In the afternoon, Line Renaud has also visited the bedside of the singer, as well as the chef Jean Imbert, who had recently prepared a user-friendly pot-au-feu Johnny Hallyday and his little family. In the late afternoon, while it was already night, the actor Jean Dujardin and his partner Nathalie Péchalat arrived in a car with tinted windows. Chef Jean-François Piège has also spent the grids very secure of the Savannah. Finally, Brigitte Macron has also returned to the home of Hallyday. The first lady stayed nearly an hour at home to comfort Laeticia and his two little girls.

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