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Entertainment 6 December, 2017


The idol of the young people who died in the night of 5 to 6 December, leaves behind four children, David, Laura, and her two small the past, Jade and Joy. A sibling who will be able to find with loyal friends of the family, an unwavering support.

The death of Johnny Hallyday in the night of 5 to 6 December leaves a family overwhelmed by grief.His wife, his pillar, Laeticia, of course, so much, infinitely… His children : David, born of his union with Sylvie Vartan. His daughter, Laura, the daughter of Nathalie Baye. And his two little daughters, Jade and Joy, adopted in Vietnam with Laeticia, whose arrival has upset the life of the singer. It is in these moments where the pain is immense, irreparable loss, that the support of loved ones, the reassuring presence of the faithful of the first hour takes more than ever all its value. In this string of love that is formed to support the face of the unacceptable, every gesture, every word, every thought counts.

Jade and Joy will be able to count on the reassuring presence of their godfathers and godmothers. Jade, the eldest daughter, 13 years old, that still very recently spoke of his dad as a hero, will be able to count on his godfather actor Jean Reno and his godmother, Luana Belmondo, the wife of Paul Belmondo, to find the words that soothe. Joy, the youngest, 9 years old, it is from of businessman Jean-Claude Darmon, a family friend of long date, and the starred chef Hélène Darroze, faithful among the faithful, as the youngest child of Johnny will be able to find the words that comfort. A small break in the terrible ordeal that the two little girls and their mom Laeticia cross.

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