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Entertainment 28 August, 2017


Mireille Darc died Monday, August 28, at the age of 79 years. The actress was in convalescence for several months after a double brain haemorrhage and cardiac arrest, in 2016. She was not afraid of the disease, who have had to face at a young age to a heart defect.

In 1938, the moment of his birth, Mireille Darc was diagnosed with a cardiac malformation : a stricture impeding the flow of blood, which could swell his heart, and the panting terribly. The actress is prone to many ailments : in 1980, the malaise of too much duct to the emergency room and the 7th of march, Mireille Darc sees the professor Christian Cabrol him to set up a heart valve that will regulate the activity of its heart, and will save her life. For more than thirty years, she lives with a heart of perfect health, until new complications interfere in his life in 2012. A new operation is necessary to prevent his blood passing through aorta narrowed. March 13, 2013, the actress had a new surgery, at the age of 75 years : a success. The actress can also count on the support of her husband Pascal Desprez during his convalescence.

Four years later, in September 2016, Mireille Darc is a victim of two strokes, cerebral haemorrhage, a haemorrhage to the abdomen, and complications of the heart and lungs – it acts as a cardiac arrest that lasts for 26 seconds. She spent a month in a coma and unable to walk after having been bedridden for 7 weeks. She fights alongside her husband but was unable to regain his strength, no longer making public appearances. Mireille Darc died in the night of Sunday 27 to Monday 28 August, at the age of 79 years.

Mireille Darc

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