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Entertainment 28 August, 2017


In 2015 already, during his participation in the broadcast of Marc-Olivier Fogiel, Mireille Darc, confessed to having long been torn between his mother and his father. Now deceased, the actress has carried with it the memories and the trauma of an unhappy childhood.

Throughout his life, Mireille Darc has had some ups and downs. The actress, a victim of two brain hemorrhages and a murmur in the heart, shone in the film, alongside major figures such as Georges Lautner, Pierre Richard or even Alain Delon. But if at the appearance, Mireille Darc living a happy existence, the actress has yet suffered in his childhood, torn between his father and his mother. Invited in 2015 by Marc-Olivier Fogiel in issuing the Couch on France 3, the one that was nicknamed ” the great grasshopper ” had agreed to talk on this part of his life.

Illegitimate child born of an adulterous relationship, Mireille Darc has often been set aside by his parents : “I was in an accident in the life of my mother, all the world was in a state of suffering. My father could not support me because I represented an infidelity, and my mother could not love me because it was as if she loved another man through me “, she said. She wanted to tell her story in her memoirs in 2008, entitled simply ” My father “.

From a young age, Mireille Darc has also been witness to traumatic events, and this in spite of itself. Such as when his father – who was called ” the bastard “, was taken in the attic of their house in Toulon, a hand rope to commit suicide : ” He wants to hang himself, had she so told front-facing camera. He wants to hang himself to a beam. And he said to me : “It is because of you. “And I begged him not to do it. But it is true that I have not had a lot of words of love for him. Then I cry, I cry, I ask him for forgiveness. “

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