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Entertainment 28 August, 2017


The movie icon Mireille Darc died on the 28th August, confirmed the family to our colleagues at RTL. His friend, who had been seen three days ago, tells of their last meeting.

It is a sad news that we learned this morning on the antenna of RTL. The actress Mireille Darc, aged 79 years, died. Weakened by the disease, the actress had not made a public appearance for several months. Was Gala, his companion Pascal Desprez gave regular news of the actress, who was hospitalized several weeks after a stroke . On the antenna of RTL, a close relative of the actress responded.

Very close to Mireille Darc, the photographer saw the actress there are only three days. ” After that, I couldn’t see because she was asleep “ he said to the antenna of the radio station, without giving further details about his state of health. “She only woke up to eat” he added. When he saw her, she had not been able to get up for breakfast. “I thought it was strange (…) It was the first sign of warning “ he immediately thought. Richard Melloul explained that all “expected” the worst in the entourage of Mireille Darc. Asked about how she lived her situation, he explains : ” She continued to speak of what I had done, of what I was going to do, what we had done together… She had a passion for photography that is shared, of course. “

Among the relatives of the actress, Alain Delon, but also Anthony Delon, very close to the actress… a son of a substitution for one that was not able to have children.

Mireille Darc also suffered since his childhood from a blast to the heart. She had been operated a few years ago, open heart by the Professor Christian Cabrol.

Mireille Darc

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