Death of Tom Petty, by overdose of the opioid, not that the poison of the stars

Health 20 January, 2018


Published the 20.01.2018 to 11: 45 am
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The death of Tom Petty in October was much less moved by the French as the ” boss “, Johnny in December. Matter of fame, matter of cause, an “overdose” as had previously returned the logs, for the ransom of the decrepitude of an old star ?
And well two times no !
Tom Petty was the leader of the Heartbreakers, a group that is primarily known in the United States. But his fame will come from another group, the Traveling Wilburys. This means nothing to you ? When you know that it was composed of Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and Roy Orbison (the unforgettable creator of Pretty Woman), you will understand why, although this meeting although short lived, the boy came out of the anonymity. It can be credited to a solo career, extremely correct, one of the highlights of the visit will remain the tribute concert to George Harrison.
So much for the pop star.

Fentanyl, a drug drug

For the medicine on the other hand, it should be noted that Tom Petty is one of the victims of the more of the opiate drug. The singer suffered a hip fracture. Well or poorly repaired, the problem is not there, but rather in the suites of this divide, where we know that they are terribly painful.
The support of the pain is not an area of excellence for many doctors, because it is a symptom that cannot be measured. The stars are often capricious… and to put a stop to the complaint quickly to be ineligible, the physician Tom Petty has opted for the Fentanyl.
Choice of the facility as this drug is 100 times more potent than morphine. Fentanyl is, in most countries, a regulated substance, similar to drugs, because of toxicity to the height of its effectiveness. Its effects do not, however, the sedation of pain. It causes a feeling of well-being and euphoria… as well as a strong physical and psychological dependence. The drug anti pain of the stars is also for at least two of them, Tom Petty and Prince – their passport to the afterlife. By cardiac arrest, fatal.
Overdose ? Use limit with their doctor ? Justice will tell us. But without doubt, without complacency, because this problem comes out quite widely from the topic people, and of the sad law of the stars has-beens who refuse to suffer.

174 deaths per day in the United States

For the second consecutive year, the fall in life expectancy in the United States. This is a substantial setback and a blow to the responsible health of this country, because it is the continuation of the questioning of a way of life, boasted to the whole world. The American model, at least one of the health, has the lead in the wing. This is the first time that we see a decline two years in a row since the early 1960s ; it is necessary to go back to the 1920s to see that again. The key factor is the increase of deaths by overdose. One could imagine that the mortality related to the consumption of drugs and medication opiates was inflation. Donald Trump had made a statement in October when speaking with opiate addiction “public health emergency”, in which the fight would take several years. In 2016, there has been, in the United States, 63 600 deaths by overdose, is 174 deaths per day…

It is far from the simple death of a rock Star