Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher: Billie faces the death of her mother and grandmother

Entertainment 29 December, 2016

His uncle Todd can not imagine the pain of his 24-year-old niece.
The death of Debbie Reynolds December 28, succeeds that of his own daughter Carrie Fisher , and if the penalty is great for the film world, imagine how that Billie Lourd, child performer Princess Leia and granddaughter the icon Singing in the rain ? At 24, she has just lost the two women of her life and her uncle, Todd Fisher, is heartbroken for her family and young niece.
Little brother of Carrie Fisher, with whom he has two years apart, Todd Fisher, producer and director, spoke to the media E! News to express his grief: ” She went in to be with Carrie Actually, that’s what she said this morning Specifically, she said she was really under tremendous pressure She… given the very dignity blow in recent days, but she was under immense emotional stress with the disappearance of Carrie is probably what triggered this event. “Debbie Reynolds was admitted to Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles 28 December after being the victim of a fatal attack at her son’s home in Beverly Hills, where she was preparing for the funeral of her daughter Carrie Fisher. The day before, she learned that it succumbed to its violent heart attack occurred during a flight from London to Los Angeles.
Faced with this family tragedy, Todd Fisher is concerned for his niece, the daughter of Carrie Fisher and Bryan Lourd stars agent and burgeoning actress : ” Billie was 24 Losing these women, it’s just horrible. . it was their genes, but we can achieve what she saw did. I can not imagine having 24 years and live it, and I am 59 years old. ”