Debbie Reynolds: Despite conflicts and injuries, ex-husband pays tribute to her

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

He had tender words for the actress who died on December 28th.
Debbie Reynolds was married from 1955 to 1959 to singer Eddie Fisher, father of her two children, the late Carrie and Todd . Then, as her friend Liz Taylor has married her ex-husband , the heroine of Singing in the Rain said yes in 1960 to Harry Karl, wealthy industrialist of the shoe, which squandered most of his fortune. They divorced in 1973. Then came his marriage to Richard Hamlett in 1984, a union that lasted twelve years. The latter expressed the Daily Mail his sentence after the death of the actress December 28 to 84, putting aside the fact that she described as devilish in his memoirs.
When Debbie Reynolds divorces Richard Hamlett, the case is exposed in the tabloids. They were not on good terms and had not spoken for years. However, the 80 year old man was keen to communicate his tribute, describing the actress as ” a wonderful woman “. He adds: ” …. Many men say never have met the woman of their life I have three married I will not say ill of one of them was a beautiful person Carrie J ‘ have the greatest respect for her. “He also conveyed to many family pictures to the British website , as if to prove that despite the scandal of the time, they shared some great moments together.
” It was a woman very, very sweet. She loved her children so much. For her, losing Carrie [December 27, the day of his death] , it was definitely too hard. She died because of a brokenhearted, to literal and figurative sense , “said Richard Hamlett. The star was with her son Todd in Beverly Hills to discuss the funeral of Princess Leia’s interpreter when she began complaining of breathing difficulties. She was quickly hospitalized after what looked like a cardiac arrest. She did not recover.
If the funeral, which prove to be complicated because of two successive deaths icons, organize, Richard Hamlett does not expect to receive an invitation: ” The last time we talked, it was the court there I was calling her office just yesterday, telling her I was thinking about her, and then what I’m learning is that she’s in the hospital. lose her and Carrie. His daughter was an absolutely wonderful girl, she came to me and jumped on my lap like a baby. she wanted to talk and say how she was holding the people. “a people Magazine, Carrie Fisher had said this stepfather: ” My father was a drug addict, Harry was betting money Richard is the closest to being a normal person for our family.. ”
In 1988, in one of his autobiographies, Debbie Reynolds said that Richard Hamlett husband was a ” brave, loyal and loving .” Then she separated from him because she accused him of having a mistress, Jane Parker. At the time, he told her that she was only his colleague but they ended up getting married in 2012. Mother of three children, she died this year at 58 years. In his latest book released in 2013, Unsinkable , his ex-wife had since changed his mind: ” I married the devil .” She cited the dubious financial maneuvers he had caused her to do. After their divorce, the Nevada court decided to grant the claim of $ 12 million from the actress. But her former husband being with family, she had to settle for $ 300 000 and even paid 250,000 dollars to be no longer the owner of hotels and casinos they had gotten together, renaming the complex: Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Hotel .