Demanding Kate Middleton and Prince William? A close fled!

Entertainment 28 May, 2017

Not easy to be a royal couple and still less to be at their service … Their governess decided to say goodbye to Kate and William when the couple will have to get involved a little more in their responsibilities.
Since her debut, Kate Middleton appears as a perfect future Queen in simplicity . But it is not the only one! It is his entire couple who appears as a royal couple but a couple that acts in simplicity and close to his audience. Even in their way of life, Kate and William want to live a little like everyone else, which will become much more difficult in a few months … While the Queen’s husband officially retired, the royal couple Will have to face new obligations and that is why a future move to Kensington Palace is coming this fall. A change most definitely planned in order to take a little more in hand their future obligations as well as support the Queen. If simplicity rhymes with Kate Middleton and Prince William, does the word requirement also rhyme with the couple? A loved one has decided to curtsey …
While Kate Middleton and Prince William are ready to move and throw themselves a little more into their royal obligations, their governess decided to bid them farewell! After many years at their service and in view of their move to Kensington Palace and given the work she provides every day, Sadie Rice has decided to give up her work, which brings her nearly 40,000 euros a year. The young woman is responsible for the household, the kitchen, the races, or the linen of the small family. A work in which she gave herself a lot if one believes a source close to the palace who confided to the Sun : “Sadie works very hard but the new work that is asked is too much, even For it (…) She spends even more time at Kensington Palace and her work takes her all her time … She had no normal life outside of her job. Sadie intends to maintain her decision and she will not change her mind. It is a big loss for them … They will regret having lost Sadie because the right person is not so easy to find . ” It is true that being at the service of a royal couple is not an easy job … Too bad for Kate and William! anyway, last week the royal family celebrated the wedding Pippa Middleton and Meghan Markle has charmed the family of Prince Harry ! Do you think Kate Middleton and Prince William asked too much of their governess?