Denitsa Ikonomova stops her participation in Dance with the stars? She makes a shocking announcement

Entertainment 25 December, 2016

Denitsa Ikonomova has just made a surprising announcement on his Instagram account! All the details here.
Denitsa Ikonomova has just won Dance with the stars for the third consecutive year! A total success for the young woman. More and more appreciated by the public, the beautiful brunette is, above all, an outstanding dancer. And what particularly affects viewers is the complicity that it has with its partners. A complicity so present, that one constantly invents stories of love to the young woman. Laurent Maistret of Dancing with the Stars 7 had recently met the couple rumors with Denitsa Ikonomova . These two are just friends and nothing more! Only here, this nice complicity that we had been able to perceive on the small screen will not be seen during the tour DALS …

And yes, Denitsa Ikonomova just announced on his Instagram account that she will not attend the tour waiting for: “My dear friends, I am sad to announce that I will not be part of the Tour DALS this time. this tour is simply magic and the memories will remain engraved in my memory ” . And if the woman does not explain directly the reason for his departure, it is understandable that the latter embarks on new projects: “I PROMISE you that we will have other opportunities to see, as I prepare you A multitude of surprises. The year 2017 will be a new beginning for me. ” Does this mean that the young woman is about to leave the program permanently? For the moment it is not current … But his absence during the future tour of Dance with the stars could be the first step! Meanwhile, Denitsa Ikonomova recently made us the pleasure of coming to the editorial and we confided: “! With rayane bensetti it is very close, but we prefer not to talk about” . What do you think?