Depressive Selena Gomez? A close friend

Entertainment 18 May, 2017

Since the appearance of the cover of the new single of Selena Gomez, Bad Liar, many rumors have surfaced. Is she depressed? A close friend spoke …
We had been waiting for him for several months and he finally arrived last night. Selena Gomez ‘s Bad Liar title has shaken the Web. If the young woman was inspired by the title of the rock band Talking Heads , Psycho Killer ” , we recognize the originality of the singer.If the fans are rather mixed for the moment on this single, another fact has arrested Internet users these days. Before unveiling Bad Liar , Selena Gomez presented the picture of this title. it is seen with a bandage on his arm and a yellow bracelet around the wrist. Following this, a user has outraged on The origin of this cliché and considers that it incites to the suicide.
It was photographer Petra Collins who climbed the niche after this disdainful comment. The interviewee left a rather harsh comment on the Selena Gomez promo photo : “I did not see anything worrying about this bracelet until I discovered the bandage on her wrist. picture trying to say? Attempted suicide? Lamentable ” . It was the photographer herself, who was behind the shot, who answered … and she was not happy: “Not at all.” Selena was just coming back from the hospital for this photoshoot, Where she was there for lupus . ” Anyway, the girlfriend of The Weeknd does not hurt about her. And if it was thought that Selena Gomez was going to tackle Justin Bieber in Bad Liar , it was not finally the case. So, what do you think of this image of Selena Gomez?