Designated Survivor: Episode 6, harsh interrogation and new player, our criticism

Cinema 11 November, 2016

The tension increases in episode 6 of Designated Survivor. President Kirkman, played by Kiefer Sutherland, is subjected to a harsh interrogation of US governors.
Double interview this week in a return Designated Survivor takes a special flavor after the US presidential elections . The terrorist Nassar, responsible for the attack against the Congress questioned by Wells agent and the director of the FBI Atwood. Their goal is simple: to prove that the head of Al-Sakar ment and has not ordered the attack on American soil. Hannah and her chief know that McLeish is involved and they manage to trap the prisoner captured in episode 5 of Designated Survivor, you can read the review of melty , during a face-to-face taut. Especially that time is short for the FBI because the office of the President Kirkman asked to examine the past of Senator to accept the nomination for the post of Vice-Chairman. The tension is palpable in this new political adventure . Especially in addition, again, the President is in a complicated situation. Kirkman was attended by 50 US state governors at the White House for their support and hope to hold elections to repopulate the Congress.
This is where fiction meets reality even in a twisted way . Governors tempt all out for their political agendas. The reception of refugees and ultimately the general immigration is at the heart of the controversy. The vast majority of them do not want to receive strangers with the nagging fear that terrorists might be hiding among them and could attack the American Way of Life . Any parallel with the current US policy and Donald Trump’s election could it be coincidence? The series of David Guggenheim enter the heart of the subject and pat where it is not yet become a political rant . The efficient and intelligent entertainment offered is the key to the success of Designated Survivor . But it is in any case appreciable to see the writers remain close to the actual political-social situation.
This episode 6 Designated Survivor happening at the speed of light. The scenes are linked with an intensity we see little right now on TV. We took guts and happens to breathe that in the generic happens. The cliffhanger this week shows that the conspiracy could be organized at the highest peak of the state. Majid Nassar is / was suicide in his cell in a place that few people knew. Who could be behind? Who wants to put the government of the United States to hurt? Who is this character named Catalan who blew the Congress according Nassar? But that is nothing with the return of the storyline Leo-the-child-who-n-is-not-the-son-of -President ! The secret of the First Lady could really taint the presidency Kirkman. Finally, this is for the next episode of Designated Survivor, 7, you can see the promotional video of melty. How did you find this episode of Designated Survivor?