Designated Survivor: Episode 7, which is Catalan? our criticism

Cinema 18 November, 2016

Which is Catalan? That’s the question that drives this episode 7 Designated Survivor. While the problems are mounting for President, the FBI is caught in a vicious circle.

abc-designated-survivor-serie-critique-episodeWho killed Majid Nassar? Which is Catalan? What is the relationship with Peter McLeish? These new 42 minutes Series Kiefer Sutherland resumed a few minutes after episode 6 of Designated Survivor, which is obviously critical reading of melty . President Kirkman is aware of the murder suspect number 1 of the attack on Congress and the vicious circle starts for the FBI. The Director Atwood and Hannah are pressed by the situation. They must warn the “commander-in-chief” against the survivor McLeish but they have more urgent requirements. They must discover who is behind the assassination of Nassar. No information is available on Catalan and Wells agent is going to appeal to a CIA colleague to glean some scraps. What she learns is not very reassuring. Catalan is a traitor ; is an American who has turned against his country. Why ? How? In witch way ? We will not know more about it in this episode Catalan almost … Because we will discover his real name and his face. He was one of Nassar guards in the secret prison where he was kept.
This revelation and the plot of the director of the FBI Atwood shows that the conspiracy is much better organized than had been expected. You need a well-oiled organization to be able to sing one of the clutches of the FBI. The big question now is whether Catalan works with the politician Peter McLeish . Both men have coordinated all the attack that brought the US government to evil? What is their purpose? What do they want? Why ? Questions and answers are scrambling are not ready to arrive as Designated Survivor will have to stand on the distance because it received an order from ABC for a full season . Fortunately, the political intrigues are there to occupy 2/3 of the episodes. This week, President Kirkman and his team face two problems: the paternity of Leo and an American sports held in Russia. If the first is more or less peacefully settled with counterparties and threats, the history of the sport suggests complicated hours for the presidency.
The President is a novice. Nothing prepares to such a level of political / game on an international stage and Kirkman actually costs. He is fooled by the Russians with whom he negotiated an exchange of spies. The American sports proves to be a double agent and bim, in your face, Kirkman. He did have such a blue. His firm has no excuse either. In short, politics sucks and the President actually learning violently. Designated Survivor unfolds its intrigues in an effective episode but a bit dull . We will not say that everything is clear and predictable but the episode 7 of the ABC series lack of surprises. We did not mind at all on the contrary because again the episode rout at full speed its 42 minutes. We do not see the time passing. This does not prevent the series of Kiefer Sutherland to stay entertaining and exciting to follow. Moreover, we expect the next episode forward. What do you think of this new episode of Designated Survivor?