Designated Survivor: Episode 8, new betrayals at the White House, our criticism

Cinema 2 December, 2016

A few hours after the broadcast of episode 8 of Designated Survivor Discover our criticism.

designated-survivor-saison-1-episode-8-episodeLast night, ABC aired the eighth episode of the first season of Designated Survivor, which is also part of our Top Series of the month of November 2016 . After bombing the Capitol, the US still attacked on their own soil. This time, it is in their polling stations where a new biochemical terrorist attack occurred. So, inevitably, it does not help matters that absolutely must Kirkman formed a new government. Fortunately, the character is reckless and he decided to go to one of these offices to vote, hoping that the US will follow . As usual, the Honourable Speaker pulls it off and former detractors join his cause.
We will not lie: the series has a mechanical property to her with a problem in every episode that is fixed in the final minutes with a little sleight of hand, which is every time, the least interesting part . Fortunately, the red wire of the season catches up a little blow. This week the FBI boss has an appointment with the President and condemns himself for the murder of Majid Nassar. Obviously, it is not the manager, but he absolutely had to save his son. Fortunately, there is a very intelligent person in the American organization: Hannah Wells! She quickly realizes that something is wrong with his superior and thus launches in pursuit.
Unfortunately for her, it’s too late and it is already behind bars. The end of the episode has revived our interest for two reasons. The first is the phone call that Wells was the mysterious stranger on the phone and the second is indeed betrayals being hatched in the offices of the White House . It is hoped that the final mid-season that will air shortly bring us answers and above all, that we will see a president a little more badass and more political darkness. Until next week for a new episode of Designated Survivor, know that you can now download your favorite shows on Netflix! What did you think of this episode?