Designated Survivor: Episode 8, the tension is at its height in the promo of “The Results” video

The promotional video of episode 8 of Designated Survivor was unveiled! Discover it, without delay.

designated-survivor-saison-1-episode-8-episodeWednesday night, a new episode of the first season of Survivor Designated proposed on ABC . In the latter, while President Kirkman was better acquainted with the only survivor of the terrorist attack on the Capitol, the investigation into the death of the network head has advanced gradually. But the danger seems bigger than it looks, especially as the head of the FBI saw her son being abducted and detained by mysterious people who will now control . While we offered you to discover our review of episode 7 of Designated Survivor , the American channel ABC has unveiled the trailer of the next episode, which will air in two weeks and that is to discover below.
In episode 8, titled “The Results” , as the country is primer to vote for the new representatives of the White House, an unexpected event will force Kirkman to wonder if it should not be simply cancel the elections. During that time, the news of the death of Nassar will exit and Kirkman will manage new consequences: those of his son who has learned that he could not share the same blood . An episode to discover in two weeks on ABC, but in the meantime, find our Top of October 2016 Series ! What are you waiting for this episode?

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