Designated Survivor: Episode 8, when he will be released?

Cinema 25 November, 2016

This week, as we all expected, President Kirkman Designated Survivor failed us. When will be aired episode 8?

designated-survivor-saison-1-episode-8-vostfrAfter an intense episode 7 Designated Survivor, whose criticism is necessarily read melty, we were not expecting one thing, it was the next episode! Unfortunately, ABC is not broadcast this week and because it was the weekend of Thanksgiving and while Americans gather with family, they are leaving a little television. To avoid unpleasant hearings or sword in the water, it will have to wait Wednesday, November 30 to enjoy the next adventure of the President Kirkman , his wife and the FBI agent Hannah Wells. You can, if you squeezed impatience, discovering that not the video promo of the episode 8 entitled “The Results” and should be interested in elections for congressional representatives. The White House of the need to worry and not just because a plot the closer button. There is also the fate of the government is at stake. After the US elections earlier this month, the series gives a different flavor to the US policy. But that’s another topic.
An unexpected event will force President Kirkman to wonder if it should not be simply cancel the elections that the country expects and has struggled to get in a previous episode. Designated Survivor, part of the new most popular of the season with Timeless and Lethal Weapon will greatly advance its plot. In fact, the news of the death of Majid Nassar will fuiter as the paternity of Leo, the son of the president. But this is nothing compared what awaits FBI Director Atwood, which is controlled by the terrorists. But fear not, Kiefer Sutherland is there to fix everything. Finally, it is hoped. We will have the answer next week. Loans for episode 8 of Designated Survivor?