Designated Survivor: The new series with Kiefer Sutherland available on Netflix, 3 reasons to get started!

Cinema 8 November, 2016

In recent days, the Designated Survivor series on Netflix. If you have not yet succumbed to this political thriller, here are 3 good reasons to do so!

designated-survivor-episode-1-streaming-telechargerOn this day of US presidential election – coincidence? – The editorial ‘of melty give you three good reasons to succumb to one of the most successful new series and the most promising of this autumn: Designated Survivor . Note that this is also a new series in which the Americans talk the most . The show tells the story of Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland), Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, which, following an attack on the Capitol, became president of the United States . He is the “designated survivor” and therefore the person chosen to take the place of the head of state following the death of President according to his entire cabinet and the chairmen of both chambers of Congress. From there, his life changes, like that of his family. Launched before more than 10 million viewers on ABC last September, Designated Survivor is available on Netflix since November 6 , at the rate of one new episode per week. The first reason why this series is worth a look is simple: Kiefer Sutherland.

Famous for its legendary role of Jack Bauer in 24 hours chrono , Kiefer Sutherland is breathtaking in Tom Kirkman in Designated Survivor . A simple man, kind and sensitive that, overnight, becomes the most powerful man on the planet! He was totally unprepared to withstand the pressure of the world on his shoulders, will have to make … Many also see Tom Kirkman in the logical sequence for Jack Bauer, who had everything to become the next US president. But Kiefer Sutherland was not the only one we eyeful in Designated Survivor because the series can count on a cast 5 star Natascha McElhone ( Californication ), Italia Ricci ( Chasing Life ), Maggie Q ( Nikita ) Adan Canto ( The Following ), Kal Penn ( Dr. House ) … You will not be disappointed! The second reason why this political thriller should please you is because it humanizes the policy. With Tom Kirkman main character, Designated Survivor shows us the politician with a new look, more natural, closer to the people, as say that ON LOVE . It was immediately sympathetic to the hero and the incredible challenge it faces.

Last but not least, Designated Survivor is not just a political thriller, it’s also a family drama. At the heart of the series: the Kirkman family, with father Tom, mother Alex, the son Leo and daughter Penny. Perfect American family – at least at first – who suddenly becomes the first family of America . Because Tom is not alone in having to make now that he is watched by the whole world, the whole his family who must be perfect! This means that we are never safe from a media scandal, a bad buzz can come mess up or else. Finally, let’s not forget the whole investigation around the bombing of the Capitol, responsible for the death of the American president and his government … Throughout the episodes Designated Survivor, one wonders who could be responsible for the attack and the craziest twists succeed. So, are you ready to become addicted Designated Survivor ? The meltynautes, what do you think?