Despite the departure of Gillian Anderson, the X-Files could still continue

Cinema 6 February, 2018






If the season 10 X-Files had been in the final, very contrasting, we, however, had reserved one or two episodes worthy of the name for the X-Eosinophils than we are. Unlike the season 11, which, until now, is a massacre in full.

Also, you talked about it not later than yesterday, the season 11 of‘the X-Files, arriving at the half of its episodes, is a disaster such as is rarely seen, betraying the lack of involvement of his cast, the-I-foutisme total writers and a showrunner completely with strawberries. Yet, no matter what you may think, this season is important because it will see the departure of Gillian Anderson, aka Scully, once it arrived at its term.


Mulder and Scully wonder what they are still there


And, of course, the big question that arises is to know if X-Files can continue without Dana Scully. Then we would be tempted to say that it can’t do the same with it, in the current state of things, Chris Carter, the creator of the show, had hinted that he would not prosecute without Scully, because this made no sense. And we agree with him.

But now, the season has just finished its shooting and, to celebrate, Chris Carter was interviewed by the website Digital Spy. The opportunity to make a point about his desires, which have significantly changed apparently :


David Duchovny


“I don’t know. I am convinced that X-Files still has things to say, with or without Gillian. I am sad to see it go, I never planned to do the series without it then, is it that this is the end ? This is definitely the end of something, and I don’t know if this is also the beginning, or something entirely new. But it is sure that we will have to take the head to know where it goes from there.”

Nothing seems to be stopped in the mind of the creator, even if it suggests that the series could suffer the same treatment as during seasons 8 and 9, when David Duchovny left the X-Files :


“How did you thee, for thee the hell out of here ?”


“I have always considered David as I consider William (the son of Mulder and Scully), an absent center. Even if he was not there, he was the centre of interest of all the world. And all the stories revolved around him. I think it is a problem which is very interesting for a story teller, and if the X Files continue, Scully could just as well become the same absent center.”

Obviously, for this, it is necessary that the series raise the bar, that the hearings are in good shape and that the chain decides to retry the kick. Not to mention the output of Scully at the end of the season, which should be able to afford such a treatment. After that, it is not sure you want to follow more of the show in these conditions.