Despite the installation assistance, the doctors are missing in the Vendée

Health 10 January, 2018


Published the 10.01.2018 to 10: 00


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In order to assess the deficiencies medical of the French territory, a new zoning assignment has been designed. Result, 46% of the hexagon appears to be or is likely to be a shortage of doctors. Several criteria define the limits : age of the inhabitants, volume of activity of doctors, the age of practitioners and access time by road to the general practitioner.
The objective of this map is to educate physicians on gaps in national while encouraging them to settle there. In fact, the more the area is abandoned, the more the doctor will be assisted in his arrival. Aid in the installation can reach up to 50 000€. A practitioner coming to work full-time will receive 25 000€ upon arrival and then the same amount a year later.

Territories abandoned

To alert the citizens as well as professionals, the card is based on a typology binary. If you remove the regions where resources are sufficient, two categories can be distinguished : the “zones of complementary action” (maintain if not enhance an already precarious situation) and the “zones of priority intervention” (total shortage). The Vendée, which symbolizes the abandonment of certain territories.
The new map now shows a Vendee or 50% of the department is in the zone of priority intervention, compared to 25% on the last one dating back to 2012. For the location, 20% of the population of Loire-Atlantique are affected by this aid. The other neighbors, in the Mayenne and Sarthe are relevant to 99%. The lack is such that a single installation assistance will not be sufficient.

A bill will be presented on the 18 January to the national Assembly, by the member of parliament local Guillaume Garot, to fight the huge shortage.