Devious Maids Season 4: The investigation into the death SPOILER continues next week on Teva!

Cinema 21 November, 2016

While Teva has released the first two episodes of Season 4 of Devious Maids, discover what awaits you next Sunday in episodes 3 and 4!

devious-maids-saison-4-episode-3-episodeDrowning Peri? As you could find out tonight on Teva, Season 4 Devious Maids starts strong, with the death of the iconic bitch of the show. And if all eyes are on Spence, who was arrested during episode 2, Rosie has not said its last word and expects to find the REAL killer. Thus, in episode 3 aired next Sunday on French television, a new character will close Peri arriving in Beverly Hills and could be the ideal culprit . During that time, the war between Genevieve and Marisol for the beautiful Peter (James Denton) will take a new turn and all shots are allowed, especially the lower.
New address will be synonymous with new friends to Zoila, while Carmen will play the role of good friend with her daughter Daniela. But his secret could it remain one? From the episode 4, an unexpected visitor will land in the life of Carmen and Daniela, and might ruin everything between them . During that time, Adrian will cut funding to Evelyn because he wants her back. Rather than yield, Miss Powell will settle at Marisol. It promises ! And while Zoila go to a blind date (SPOILER ALERT: wait to see the man in question), Rosie will continue to lead the investigation into the death of Peri and suspect a particular person. See you on Sunday, November 27 Téva for following the final season of Devious Maids! In the meantime, check out how the actresses have responded by learning the cancellation of the series … Will you watch the next episodes of Devious Maids on Teva?