Devious Maids, The Good Wife, Person of Interest: The series that left us in 2016!

Cinema 26 December, 2016

Many of the series have made their reverence this year, such as Devious Maids, The Good Wife or Person of Interest. We propose you a little return on the shows to which we had to say farewell.
As every year, in 2016, we had to say goodbye to a number of TV series – for the worst or for the best. Between the series that come to term and which graciously draw their reverence, those that are canceled after a few episodes, those that are canceled abruptly and others, this year many have left the small screen. We will then go back to the most striking cancellations of 2016, beginning with the series of long dates, the end of which was foreseen. The first that comes to mind – and we lack a lot already – it’s The Good Wife . The CBS judicial series, conducted brilliantly by the King, ended at the end of its seventh season in May. If the end has not unanimous among fans, they console themselves with the arrival of the spin-off series, entitled The Good Fight , in which we will be pleased to find Diane Lockhart, Lucca and Quinn New characters.
Another long series passed away in May 2016 and it’s Castle , police ABC series starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. After eight years of good and loyal service, the chain decided to stop the series. If there is a series to which the fans have had trouble saying “goodbye” it’s Person of Interest! Indeed, the series of science fiction of CBS unfortunately was canceled by the chain after having reached a fifth season of justness. The advantage is that the fans were entitled to a real end. We do not forget the series of Cinemax, Banshee , which ended after four very good seasons. As for shows teen , we had to separate us from two series, Beauty and the Beast and Awkward , one after 4 seasons, after another 5. These cancellations were not surprises since the strings had expected the By renewing each one for a final season. Also, the hearings were really not good. Penny Dreadful , the horror series from Showtime, came to an end after four seasons as the plot of the main character coming to an end. The American chain has also decided to end the series House of Lies , in which we found particularly Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle.
If it is always hard to say goodbye to his favorite series when they end, it is even harder when this end is not foreseen by the channel, or the screenwriters, in advance. This year, several series have views cancel by “surprise” leaving fans without a real purpose. The first that comes to mind is Faking It, a teen show of MTV, which was canceled in the middle of his third season, leaving us truly feel hungry . Then we think Devious Maids , including cancellation this summer following the release of its season 4 triggered disappointment and anger of fans. If the last episode of season 4 has more or less made a conclusion for each character, this was followed by a cliffhanger which we will never have the answer … Mistresses , ABC summer series of more or less Experienced the same fate.
It is with sadness that we also had to make our mourning for the ABC series, Agent Carter , which was canceled after only two seasons. The HBO series, Looking , also had the right to two seasons, but the chain has offered a movie in the series that came conclude the intrigues of the different characters. The film was released last July. Very recently, Netflix canceled its series Marco Polo , who also therefore experience no third season. Many other series were completed during the year 2016, can think in Under The Dome, Galavant, Episodes, Hannibal, Rookie Blue, The Mysteries of Laura … You’ll understand that we do in 2016 Will not spared.
But the series is so successful that the chains are still trying to find the new pearl and many projects are canceled at the end of their first season – or even before it is fully broadcast. This year, for example, the HBO series Vinyl whose pilot was directed by Martin Scorsese was not as successful as expected and the chain canceled the series after one season. Containment , the new series on the CW Julie Plec has suffered the same fate, like Dead of Summer and Guilt on Freeform certainly looking for a new hit to replace Pretty Little Liars that will end in 2017. And this is only the beginning of the list of series that made their arrival during the 2015-2016 season and did not survive … Fortunately, we can always console himself with the fact that there are still many other series be put in the tooth, you can also find the best Christmas episodes, including Newport Beach, Community and This is Us , on melty! What (s) set (s) you lack (or are) most?