Disney is going to smack a loot crazy for Disney to + destroy Netflix

Cinema 31 January, 2019






In recent years, Netflix has significantly changed the situation in regard to our habits of consumption series and movies. And this is only the beginning as the competition is taking place.

If Netflix dominates the market currently, it seems the general opinion is that this will not last necessarily. Because if, for the moment, the competition is rather anecdotal between Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others, the year 2019 will see the arrival of a strong opponent : Disney +. We talk about it for a long time and it is this year that the service will be put in place, in the United States in a first time.


The Mandalorian


Already, there are whispers that the platform of the studio is in the process of being finished and thatit will be officially presented to the investors in the month of April to get a first feedback. Its availability to the american public should be carried out in the second half of the year without a specific date has yet been unveiled.

But it is obvious that the service would especially benefit in the content that it offers. And, on this side, Disney does not seem to make a second, since he decided to slam his bank account in order to produce the maximum in a very short time. In fact, the site, Variety informs us that the studio would be going to spend 16.4 billion dollars this year alone to produce new programs.


Loki has not said its last word


To give you an idea, the second is Warner, who is estimated to spend $ 14.3 billion on the same period and for the same reasons, follow-up then Netflix that would have to pay $ 14 billion in 2019. Figures that give the dizziness, of course, but that doesn’t surprise really when you see the projects of Disney + with his series The Mandalorian , or its programs on the Avengers, the series on Loki, Scarlett Witch, the Soldier of the Winter and the Falcon. Not to mention, obviously, of the redemption of the Fox, which will allow him to operate other franchises juicy.


Mickey is ready to land, quietly


Note, however, that this exorbitant amount of 16.4 billion is not exclusively for destination Disney + since only $ 500 million would be dedicated to the creation of content specific to the platform, which remains the same when a result. Finally, this expense does not concern the budget of the branch sport of the empire, which amounts to 7.4 billion dollars alone.

In short, prepare the coffee and put your RTT, the year 2019 may be pretty damn loaded.


The end of the reign ?