Ed Sheeran on a world tour, reveals his misconduct between concerts

Entertainment 9 May, 2017

Ed Sheeran is an artist who was very successful early and very young. Fortunately, he can count on the support of his family to go down to Earth.
Ed Sheeran has unveiled his new clip Galway Girl, a video that takes us through Ireland, a country that is dear to him and that shows its roots. With the success of his latest album Divide , the singer leads a life at a time, being number one in many countries. A true star since its debut in 2011, its albums sell like hotcakes and its world tour is currently a box, since it plays almost every night sold out. Inevitably, at only 26 years, all this love of the public and this worldwide recognition has enough to destabilize. Ed has confided that he was lost in this celebrity during his beginnings and that his cousin reproached him too often to party . A behavior that it tries to change,
“Playing at a venue like the Wembley Stadium with 87,000 people and walking to the lodge with nothing but the sound of air conditioning then you do not really know how to get out of there. My friends and family, but on tour I do not know – I’ll admit I got lost a bit. ” “He confided frankly. But luckily, Ed took things in hand and did not want to sink into these repeated misconduct. “I quickly realized that my schoolmates had always been the mainstay of my mental health (…) so now I use four of them and they are working on my tour.” .)
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