Empire Season 3: Episode 13, an Unexpected Rival for Cookie? Our criticism

Cinema 13 April, 2017

Cookie may well have a new enemy in Episode 13 of Empire’s Season 3. Discover our review of “My Naked Villainy”!
Last week, Lucious and Cookie gave Anika an ultimatum in Episode 12 of Empire’s Season 3. Did she really choose the Lyon camp? Can we truly trust him? And what about Andre’s plan? The editorial of Melty reveals the criticism of episode 13 of the season 3 of Empire . “My Naked Villainy” opens on very ill Lucious who does not want to go to the hospital. If the doctor agrees to take care of him at home, the producer only trusts Thirsty and asks him to keep an eye on his family because they are “snakes”. Would Lucious accuse one of his relatives of his condition? Mystery! Meanwhile, Jamal works on his new album. Cookie tells him that the shooting of the video “Dangerous” will take place the same evening. Lucious is nailed to bed, it’s time to enjoy it. Hakeem could have problems because Kennedy, the friend of Tiana recently assaulted, filed a complaint against Empire. She is asking for $ 50 million and a public apology. On the side of Andre, Giuliana makes Nessa doubt the fidelity of her boyfriend. Will their agreement really come to fruition? On the filming of the Jamal clip, Cookie nostalgically recalls the beginning of her romance with Lucious. The sparkling images of the clip clearly contrast with reality! Later, the whole family gathered at the bedside of the patriarch, more and more sick. But all are worried about the ” Kennedy’s affair, which turned bad news to Empire. As for Thirsty, he continues to pressure Anika about Tariq by threatening to kill her. Not sure it’s a great idea!
While Anika finds herself alone with Lucious, she threatens him with death . Friendly! If the producer died, Anika would inherit everything. So do not do it upside down in Empire season 3. Eventually, Lucious may not be so paranoid and fortunately expected to bring a weapon. Elsewhere, Giuliana presents Dre to Gino Marcone. If the negotiations start badly, Shine and the other “friends” of Andre manage to convince Gino to accept their demands. As for Anika, she worries about her future and that of her daughter. She then finds Cookie and makes him promise to watch over Bella personally. Although they have their differences, Anika knows that Cookie is the only one she can really believe in this. This is a beautiful scene between the two women. While Angelo is worried about what Lucious could do, fans of Jamal dock Cookie as they are fans of the teaser of “Dangerous” where the producer talks about her love for her ex-husband. If Cookie says it does not mean anything, Angelo is as jealous as he is furious! Anika was right when she said that Empire’s co-CEO was still in love with Lucious. While Jamal still rejects Derek, Hakeem finds Kennedy and their respective lawyers. Thirsty does not spare poor Kennedy and the rapper feels uncomfortable. While Cookie is angry with Jamal because his teaser came out at the worst time for Angelo, Hakeem joins them and complains about the lawyer. Jamal agrees, Help his brother to change his image among women . Hakeem admits his responsibility in a song where he apologizes to Kennedy and pays tribute to Bella, Tiana and all the other women. If Jamal and Tiana are proud of the rapper, Dre is furious because he feels that his brother still has night at Empire.
Dre plans to manage the situation alone and especially without his father. But Lucious invites all Empire shareholders to a meeting for him. Andre falls from the clouds but proposes his project in Vegas. It does not suit Lucious who prefers to turn his son. The problem is that no one supports the boss of Empire. Worse, they support Dre! This is a blow for Lucious. We can not believe it! But Dre also has her worries especially when Nessa tells her that she will not have “arrangements” with him like Rhonda. While everyone is waiting for the results of the election, Angelo becomes mayor but Lucious manages to steal the show by starting to play “You’re so beautiful” In season 3 of Empire . And while Cookie still remembers their love story, Giuliana joins Lucious and asks him why he stops playing the song he wrote for her . Wait … What? ? This song is not for Cookie? What really happened between Lucious and Giuliana? The latter promises to the producer to realize all their dreams. This is a twist that will redistribute the cards and which perfectly concludes this good episode of the season 3 of Empire . The series proved that it still had resources and that it could surprise us. We can not wait to see what happens next! However, it will take two weeks to find a new episode. Waiting, Discover who the spin-off of Empire will be dedicated to! And you, what did you think of Episode 13 of Empire’s Season 3?