Empire season 3: Episode 14, when will it be broadcast?

Cinema 20 April, 2017

Episode 14 of Season 3 of Empire was not broadcast last night on the Fox. But then when will we find the Lyons family?
It will not have escaped you last night, no episode of season 3 of Empire was broadcast on the Fox. Cookie, Lucious and the whole Lyon family take a little break after a recent explosive return. In episode 13 of Empire’s Season 3, Cookie was faced with an unexpected rival . Yes, Andre’s new partner, Giuliana, has a background with Lucious. What really happened between the boss of Empire and the businesswoman? Why Lucious now seems to hate her? Episode 14 “Love Is A Smoke” should give us some answers. But when this new season – Will Empire be broadcast? Will we have to wait a long time before finding the Lyons family? Rest assured, if the winter break was extremely long, Empire season 3 will come back next Wednesday on the Fox !
“Love Is A Smoke” is full of surprises! Not only will Angelo make his request to Cookie, but we will also have the pleasure of meeting Eva Longoria as a guest-star in Episode 14 of Empire’s Season 3 . The Desperate Housewives actress will play Charlotte Frost, who will hold the fate of Andre’s dream in Las Vegas in her hands. It is quite possible that the young woman put sticks in the wheels of Lucious approaching the elder son of the producer. Could it also threaten the relationship between Dre and Nessa? Nothing is impossible knowing Andre’s methods to conclude business. On April 26 , you will be given an appointment to find out more! Waiting, Discover also to which character could be devoted the spin-off of Empire! So the meltynauts, are you eager to discover Episode 14 of Empire’s Season 3?