Empire, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, The Flash, The 100: Top 8 characters that deserve to meet true love!

Cinema 28 December, 2016

As the year 2016 draws to a close, Melty’s editorial has wanted to make wishes for our favorite heroes. So here are our top 8 characters who deserve to meet true love!
Oh, love ! And yes the meltynauts, if you are unconditional fans of series, you know that the action conjugates regularly with the romance in the world of the small screen. And if some live love stories simply epic, other characters desperately waiting for their turn . By the end of 2016, we wanted to think of them and to wish them that 2017 finally brings them a dose of bliss not negligible in this universe sometimes difficult to understand. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the gifts we would give our hero series , back on all these characters who deserve to meet true love:
Stiles (Teen Wolf)
As touching as awkward, the young man has squarely become the soul of Teen Wolf. And even if he ended by opening his heart to the magnificent Malia, we can not help thinking that our hero has not yet found great love. Will this last season take him to Lydia? It is, in any case, what the fans hope the first hour since the first scene in which they interacted . Lovers of the beautiful redhead since always, Stiles never concealed how much he wanted to conquer it. Will 2017 finally be the right year for the duo? Cross our fingers !
Cisco (The Flash)
The geek of The Flash band is truly the comic heart of the show. Without it, one must admit that one would be very bored. And if Cisco regularly falls in love with pretty girls, it always ends up having to leave his place . Whether it’s Kendra that was destined for Carter Hall or Lisa Snart too busy playing the bad guys to leave a chance to their story, Cisco has never had the opportunity to experience the thrill of love true. Let’s bet that the screenwriters will finally allow him to meet someone good in 2017, he deserves ample.
Mick aka Heat Wave (Legends of Tomorrow)
Our brute in the tender heart has passed through tests this year. Let’s not forget that he saw his best friend die and sacrifice for the rest of the Team. A noble gesture that left a serious void in Mick’s life. More than anyone, he deserves to have a little comfort by falling in love for good. And it is good because we could not help but notice that there was really sparks between him and Vixen . A new romance in perspective? We would be delighted if their dynamics are interesting.
Jim (Gotham)
Poor Jim really has no luck in his sentimental life. As he slowly began to experience something healthy with Valerie at the beginning of Season 3, he was spoiling and still hoping that something could happen with Lee. Unfortunately, his hopes have been reduced to nothing and he is alone again. Give her a real soul mate for 2017! Between the crimes and the complicated life of Gotham, he needs our Jim Gordon.
Jamal (Empire)
We’re not going to lie, our poor Jamal needs to get away from his crazy family. Between his mother who does not hesitate to lay a doubtful ploy to drug him, his father who spends his time belittling him both for his homosexuality and his sensitivity and his brother who never knows whether he should be his ally or His enemy, Jamal really has no luck but he still continues to write and sing beautifully well. He deserves to find a little peace and live a love story that would bring him serenity and security. Maybe Philip could help him?
Monty (The 100)
The 100 can be very cruel with his characters but if there is one who has never cracked and has always stayed on the right side, it is Monty. Always lovely, considerate, sensitive and with a mind which can not be qu’admiratifs Monty deserves to live happily until the end of time alongside the pretty Harper . Unfortunately, we must not forget too quickly that the show will focus on violent Apocalypse on 1 February on the CW and that other characters will die. Let’s hope Monty survives!
Kara (Supergirl)
She is beautiful, kind, funny and she always has a smile. Our Kara Danvers is a true ray of sunshine. However, she has not found one on whom she could rely when she had low morale and we look forward to change that . Not so much fan of the couple that she could have formed with James, we would be more excited about a story with Mon-El (Chris Wood) as there is something passionate about them. But then, will the well-hidden secret of Mon-El put a brake on their relationship? Whatever happens to them, Supergirl deserves to feel his heart vibrate.
Matt (The Vampire Diaries)
Last human of Mystic Falls, Matt never had a chance in love and still today, we think that he could never forget Elena with whom it was clear to him to spend his life. While he had finally found someone who truly loved with Penny, that their story ended tragically . With the end of the series approaching, we wish wholeheartedly that Julie Plec is lenient and offers him a semblance of balance and affection. With all that he has lived, Matt deserves to find great love and be happy for eternity. Pending more information, remember that season 7 of The Vampire Diaries landed in France . Which character deserves to meet true love according to you?