EnjoyPhoenix at the Coachella festival, it unveils incredible images

Entertainment 18 April, 2017

Marie Lopez is currently in the United States, and more precisely in the desert of Nevada to participate in a festival, she is in heaven!

No star resists the urge to dance to this world musical and artistic event, where eccentricity reigns . This is the case of the French YouTubeuse who was invited to spend a few days in the United States to attend one of the most incredible festival in the world, Coachella. On the program, artists from all over the world who tread the big stages to give concerts unpublished. From Rihanna to actress Nina Dobrev and Kristen Stewart, international celebrities are fighting to attend. Lucky, EnjoyPhoenix who has committed to the good cause recently, received an invitation to enjoy Coachella.
Marie Lopez was very excited, as shown by the many photos and videos unveiled on Snapchat and EnjoyVlogging . Thanks to its notoriety, and its work, EnjoyPhoenix, now a couple , can travel all over the world and participate in the biggest international events. Happier and more fulfilled than ever, the star of the net unveiled on the Web with a radiant smile, enough to delight his fans. Also on his channel Vlog, you can discover the first images of his journey until his arrival at the Festival Coachella . We hope that she will enjoy her stay thoroughly, and that she will bring us still very beautiful pictures! And you what do you think ?