EnjoyPhoenix in couple, the identity of his new guy unveiled!

Entertainment 14 March, 2017

The Youtubeuse EnjoyPhoenix has found love again. But who is his new boyfriend? The identity of his guy was unveiled …
This is the big love between EnjoyPhoenix and her new boyfriend. Yes, meltynauts, as you know, the young woman is no longer a heart to take. For several weeks, a male figure appeared on Snapchat photos Marie Lopez or on his Instagram account. Had the Youtubeuse found a shoe at her foot? That seems to be the case! EnjoyPhoenix is again couple and his fans are ever happy for her. Following the revelation of the face of this charming young man, several questions arose: Who is he? How long have they been together? Oh well, we have the answer to the first question because the rest hush, but it’s secret!
After Wartex , the beautiful Marie Lopez had not displayed with another boyfriend. At the same time, private life compels! But now, EnjoyPhoenix presented her boyfriend on Snapchat and Enjoyers are super excited for their idol. So today we discover that the girl found love with Florian Allister , better known as the Yookiz . As EnjoyPhoenix , Florian is a Youtubeur who surf on the gaming and vlogs. If March 11, EnjoyPhoenix had declared on her boyfriend “I will lance the boil immediately. Yes, I’m single. It’s someone that no one knows” , we see that the young woman Changed from In between. We wish them all the happiness of the world! So what do you think of EnjoyPhoenix’s new guy?