EnjoyPhoenix makes a WTF tutorial, users applaud

Entertainment 8 April, 2017

It is well known, the YouTube Marie Lopez is the queen of challenges. She launched a new challenge, which earned her the favors of her subscribers.
A full box for Marie! For several days now, the vlogMars are over, and the net star can (finally) blow a bit, whatever. It must be said that what best characterizes EnjoyPhoenix is ​​its ability to be on all fronts. And yes, from the top of her 22 years, the YouTubeuse is a formidable business woman and has shown it on several occasions. In love with her Florian today, she even finds time to devote to him. We even wondered if EnjoyPhoenix had moved in with his new boyfriend , but no official response has yet been made. If we notice that his new boyfriend was very present on Marie’s channel Vlog, it is not necessarily in all the videos.
She can count on her # Team Sushi to encourage her. On its main channel, the beauty advisor 2.0 has unveiled a new challenge. After the make-up to the mop, after the reverse make-up, say hello to the beauty setting without fading. Yes, EnjoyPhoenix, which received a scary gift , launched the crazy bet to make a beauty tutorial, without resorting to this famous method of uniformity of complexion, eyes or eyebrows. You will understand, this crash test is simply hilarious, and it is not the subscribers who will say the opposite . As you can see, many have greeted the performance of Mary, and have not hesitated to cover her with compliments on Twitter . We do not know you, but we EnjoyPhoenix videos like that, we want it every day! And you, have you seen the latest video of EnjoyPhoenix?