Fans of “Game of Thrones” imagine the worst possible ends and are hurting themselves

Cinema 6 April, 2017

More than thirteen episodes and the series will come to an end. One moment that the fans wait and dread at once! Like the possibility of a good rotten end.
It was on Reddit that the delirium took place. A guy (Shaylw) asked the question: “What is the worst way they could end the series?” And there, they are several fans to have swung their worst apprehensions, ending crappy and frustrating goods. Not to say annoying! It’s gone, selection of the best of the worst.
The blow of “in fact nothing happened”
– Bran wakes up and realizes that everything we saw was only his dream, since his fall from the tower
– Davos Mervault was only reading a book
– Bran uses her powers to tell her father, in the past, not to go with Robert. His father listens to him, and so nothing happens.
What end for Jon and “Dany”?
– Jon Snow and Daenerys congregate and inflict a defeat on the white marchers. At the end of the episode, they celebrate it with a banquet with all their companions. And the Sandsnakes take advantage of it to stop everybody and to ascend the throne of iron. Jon and Dany whistle together, melted black.
– Jon Snow empties his blood at the foot of Daenarys: “But why ?” – She: “The violent delights end violently .” The camera goes back until you see Westeros as a map, unfolded on a huge table. In front of which Bernard (who? Of Westworld? Delirious of the fan) and Mélisandre are, while Joffrey walks there, naked, and proposes to them hors d’oeuvres.
Any reference to Dexter would be fortuitous …
– Winter has arrived. Jon Snow is preparing to go to sea, under a crazy tempest, with very probably death at the end. We’re moving ahead, Oregon, much later. A silhouette can be seen in the distance, cutting wood with an ax, near a tree. It’s Jon Snow, who has since become a lumberjack.
Big fight and end
– Jon, Cersei and Daenerys meet at the Battle of the Trident for a gigantic confrontation between their respective armies. Suddenly, Bran comes back from behind the wall with a three-eyed crow or a bullshit of the kind and pulls out a tirade about the real enemy who happens to be the white walkers. Daenerys, who uses all of his dragons, then kills him. And hop, they all live forever happy, in the best of all worlds. Cersei may end up self-poisoning or being killed by a wild boar, or other delirium. Sam never becomes a magician.
– Littlefinger (Petyr Baelish, eh) won everything and sits on the iron throne. He settles comfortably, hunts some shadows, and cowards: “I could get used to it.” Fade to black.
Westworld Psychosis
– Anthony Hopkins disembarks as the final battle begins and begins to repair a faulty horse. The camera zooms out and is heard asking the animal / robot questions.
And we end with the proposition probably closest to the true end:
– Everyone is too busy to be whipped in every direction and no one is prepared to face the white walkers. Assessment: the end of the human race. Which makes you laugh the most?