Fantastic Animals 2: Jude Law Cast in the Role of Dumbledore

Cinema 12 April, 2017

It is official we finally know the name of the actor who will lend his features to Albus Dumbledore in The Fantastic Animals 2!
This is not an unknown! Harry Potter is a cult franchise around the world but it is a true national pride for the UK and English actors often joke that if they were not cast in the saga born of JK Rowling’s imagination , They missed their careers. Jude Law can breathe, he has escaped the worst! If the actor was not in the cast of the original saga, he joined the adventure of the Spin Off Fantastic Animals and he did not get any role: he was chosen to lend his features to the young Albus Dumbledore , The greatest wizard of all time and former director of Hogwarts.
We are rather excited by this news and especially eager to discover this new version of the wizard that made us dream in the Harry Potter saga. When we find him, he will already be working at Hogwarts, but as Professor of Metamorphosis. David Yates , who will direct the film, said of the actor: “Jude Law is a fantastic and very talented actor whose work I admire. I am really looking forward to working with him, but I already know that he Will capture all facets of Albus Dumbledore’s personality in this period of his life revealed by JK Rowling . ” If Dumbledore will make his big comeback, The Fanstastic Animals 2 should also allow fans to discover Leta Lestrange played by Zoë Kravitz and Johnny Depp under the guise of Grindelwald! We look forward !