Fast and Furious 8: Charlize Theron, “Cipher seeks ultimate power”, our interview!

Cinema 14 April, 2017

Charlize Theron entered the Fast and Furious saga this year as the terrible Cipher. Discover our excluded interview!
While the Fast and Furious franchise is quite strong in testosterone, it has also put forward strong, independent women, as gifted with cars as men, and endowed with courage and character that have nothing To envy to Dom Toretto, Luke Hobbs and company. We think of Letty, played by Michelle Rodriguez, Gisele, alias Gal Gadot and even more recently Megan, the geek played by Nathalie Emmanuel. In Fast and Furious 8, which you can discover our criticism , we reach a new level with the notable entry of Cipher. Terrorist rigged in high technologies, Cipher is the first wicked woman of the franchise and it is to Charlize Theron that has returned the honor to embody it. A pride for the actress, Because besides being the first wicked woman, Cipher proves to be the most formidable, the most psychotic and the most detestable of all the wicked of the franchise . “She’s looking for ultimate power, she wants to be the person who decides whether or not we’re going to survive. His goal is very dark, ” entrusted us Charlize Theron in particular about his character.
And besides being the first nasty woman of the franchise, Cipher is also the first bad guy that can not be seen driving a pretty little car like the franchise Fast and Furious knows so well. She has her own jet, of course, but she does not drive it. And she can control all of New York City’s cars from a distance . But if Cipher had to have a car, would that give what? We asked Charlize Theron and her answer is as badass as her character is: “There was a time when I was really excited when I saw the big tank. I like all the big tanks. ” Perhaps we will have a chance to see her at the wheel of this enormous gear in the sequel? In any case, Charlize Theron is not against the idea of ​​coming back. And neither do we.