Fast and Furious 8: Does the film work without Paul Walker?

Cinema 12 April, 2017

Fast and Furious 8 is released today at the cinema and it is the first film of the franchise (except Tokyo Drift) without Paul Walker aka Brian O’Connor. Does it happen or not?
When we went out of the movie theaters after seeing Fast and Furious 7 , we cried. We will not hide it, the last scene with Paul Walker was more than intense, when his car and that of Vin Diesel separate on “See You Again” , nobody could console us. The disappearance of the actor tragically disappeared, but also the loss of his character, which also disappeared from frankness. Yes, if the screenwriters chose not to kill Brian O’Connor, he decided to retire from his hectic life and devote himself to his family.
We’re not going to lie to you, Brian O’Connor’s presence feels, Paul Walker misses us. But this new component pays homage subtly and above all, so many things happen that we do not really have time to think about it. As we told you in the review of Fast and Furious 8 , the movie is really full of action, twists and turns and if Brian’s name is mentioned, the other actors we follow from the beginning do the job perfectly. We would of course have preferred him to be there, but the franchise continues to play its part: to entertain!