Fast and Furious 8: F. Gary Gray, “This film brings something new,” our interview!

Cinema 14 April, 2017

After James Wan, it was F. Gary Gray who took up the challenge of tackling Fast and Furious. And it was not always easy! Discover our excluded interview.
So the meltynauts, you had time to go and see what Fast and Furious 8 was giving? For those who have not yet seen it, do not wait too long either because you are assured it sends heavy. James Wan had clearly done a great job with Furious 7 but here, for once, it would seem that the new director, F. Gary Gray ( Straight Outta Compton , The Italian Job ), managed to surpass it! More manic, darker , F. Gary Gray has found a way to take the franchise where we do not expect. And it falls well, because that’s exactly what the director wanted. “The biggest challenge was to make sure that we would go up a notch and that the film would bring something new, Of expenses and which would rise all of a notch, ” he entrusted to us in an exclusive interview. And it is successful, especially in terms of action. We think of one scene in particular, that of the cars “zombies” controlled by Cipher, the character of Charlize Theron, in the city of New York. A completely crazy scene, which is also one of the director’s favorites.
A small part of the film also takes place in Cuba and obviously, the shooting there was not quite a rest. It was actually the first Hollywood film shot in Cuba and according to F. Gary Gray, it was rather difficult because they did not have the necessary infrastructure for such a big film. “To bring in hundreds of people and all the equipment and there was no internet, so we could barely send emails, it was a real challenge ,” he said. But it was worth it and then the atmosphere on the set was apparently rather good. This is not the first time that the director works with Charlize Theron, whose exclusive interview is on melty , Vin Diesel, Jason Statham or Dwayne Johnson and obviously, it makes the job easier! Now, it remains to be seen if he wants to re-roll for the sequel.