Fast and Furious 8: Most of the stunts were real!

Cinema 29 April, 2017

Fast and Furious always pushes the limits! The eighth episode is the proof, since most of the big stunts were real.
If there is one thing that characterizes the Fast and Furious , these are the scenes of action ultra jouissives and whose staging never ceases to surprise. Since the fifth episode, the saga has become a real blockbuster of big arms partially abandoning car racing. The master word ? Enjoy the viewing of the spectators through realistic waterfalls. And if the latter seems so true, it’s that Fast and Furious 8 (whose deleted scene teased the spin-off of Jason Statham and The Rock) has a large part of it that are … real ! Jack Gill, Andy Gill, and Spiro Razatos, special effects coordinators, are behind this.
The three men explained to Thrillist what scenes were made without CGI. We warn you, we spoile a little if you have not seen Fast and Furious 8 (that works despite the absence of Paul Walker) . The scene in Germany with the demolition ball was real but required a lot of coordination. The latter was indeed rather dangerous. The introduction with the vehicle of Dom was also really filmed with real flames but that were diminished not to hurt the driver. That of the cars controlled by the character of Charlize Theron also although it took only one take for all the films to fall from the roofs. The passage on the pack ice is also real with real vehicles. In short, on this blow, the film was generous with its spectators ! It must be said that real special effects without CGI get much older … Did you like the stunts of the film?