Fast and Furious 8: A scene removed teasait the spin-off of Jason Statham and The Rock

Attention, REVELATION in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1: a scene from Fast and Furious 8 that teased the spin-off of Jason Statham and The Rock was finally ...

22 April, 2017
Fast and Furious 8: A spinoff around the characters of Jason Statham and The Rock in preparation

Jason Statham and The Rock have done well in Fast and Furious 8. Good news since both actors will get a spin-off of their characters.
If there is a ...

22 April, 2017
If you follow the logic, the villain of Fast & Furious 8 will be the most badass

While the eighth opus is out today, it is the occasion to note that the enemies of Dominic Toretto are more and more bad. Hope it lasts.
We'll see ...

12 April, 2017
Fast and Furious 8: Vin Diesel “This film must be great for Paul Walker”

Despite the death of Paul Walker, Vin Diesel decided to start work on Fast and Furious 8. The actor explained the reason for this choice.
Fans of ...

15 March, 2017
Fast and Furious 8: The soundtrack of the film finally unveiled!

The soundtrack of Fast and Furious 8 has been revealed and the least we can say is that rap fans will love it!
Who says Fast and Furious says big ...

8 March, 2017
Fast and Furious 8: A record length for the movie?

Fast and Furious 8 will be long, very long, longer than any other opus of the franchise. At least if one believes the information circulating on the ...

25 February, 2017
XXx Reactivated: Diesel Wine in 5 Key Roles!

Vin Diesel is making its big comeback in the skin of Xander Cage in xXx: Reactivated. For the occasion, we return to five of its most important key ...

18 January, 2017
XXx Reactivated: 3 reasons to see the movie!

Today, Xander Cage finally reappears in our dark rooms thanks to xXx: Reactivated! Here are three reasons not to miss this film to action completely ...

18 January, 2017
Will xXx Reactivated launch Ruby Rose’s Film Career (OWNB)?

Since Orange is the new black, little news from Ruby Rose. Soon to the poster of xXx Reactivated, the film will launch his career in the cinema? ...

4 January, 2017