If you follow the logic, the villain of Fast & Furious 8 will be the most badass

Cinema 12 April, 2017

While the eighth opus is out today, it is the occasion to note that the enemies of Dominic Toretto are more and more bad. Hope it lasts.
We’ll see where Charlize Theron stands but she should win another ranking in any case. His degree of wickedness being less obvious, for the moment, than his beauty. But back to our sheep: are the bad boys of the first seven Fast & Furious really hard? Ranking and explanations, to notice that they are more and more worked.
Takashi (Tokyo Drift)
It was the third film, released in 2006, and probably the most disappointing of all. He had not marked the spirits, far from it. Only a few roads here and there, based on slips and hand brakes, classic. And it was partly due to Takashi’s lack of character. Supposedly linked to the Yakuza, one would have thought of seeing a real badass cold, bloody, vindictive . There it is a sort of wanker who hardly gets motivated for the boxes and the chicks, his only two kiffs, which he quickly releases to the slightest difficulty.
Carter Verone (2 Fast 2 Furious)
A drug baron in Miami who struts in a suit, an open shirt. Let’s face it. That he has a head of BG and passes for a dancer, ok. But do not be afraid at all, it’s a shame . He tries to kill Roman and Bryan, he tortures a representative of the law, but hey, it’s the basis for a villain. And that stops there.
Arturo Braga (Fast & Furious 4)
Trafficker of the heroine. Booouuuh, the villain. And he hangs around with Owen Shaw. Oulala. In addition, he uses a false identity and calls himself Ramon Campos. Ahah, so it’s not a bad guy? Well no, we saw better. It’s just one more guy who deale and lives on the black drug market . Apart from in very remote places, there are everywhere. Not to say that it is normal, it is usual. And a villain of film must not be a common character.
Johnny Tran (The Fast & The Furious)
The villain of the very first film, released in 2001. He had at least the merit of being different from others by not bathing in drug trafficking. Instead, he preferred the electronic goods business, for example. As if by chance, for an asiat ‘, we rub the cliché! And question cojones, he defended himself since he shot Jesse , the friend of Dom ‘. In drive-by mode my mouth.
Owen Shaw (Fast & Furious 6)
A real potential. Intelligent, without any limit, able to convert an enemy secret agent into one of his own (Riley): Owen Shaw manages. And really wants to annoy our Dom ‘by trying to bump Leti’ . Finally, he uses, as an assistant and right arm, when he sees that the explosion supposed to kill has made him amnesic. In short, big bif at the same time pro (mercenary pilots to the big reputation) and personal (Leticia will return with Dom ‘, with his memory found again). A real duel.
Hernan Reyes (Fast & Furious 5)
The boss of Rio de Janeiro. And yet there’s plenty to do with shady and dangerous guys out there, so you can imagine Herman is not a choirboy. The worst is his natural wickedness that you feel permanently, the guy likes to do evil, use and abuse his power, without scruple . It puts out to harm the agent Luke Hobbs as well as Vince, colleague and friend of Dominic, kidnapped Mia …
Deckard Shaw (Fast & Furious 7)
We finally see him in “real”, after years to go behind the scenes. Owen’s brother is no less violent and wicked, potentially even more impulsive as well . When he leaves the hosto where his brother vegetates, he decides to smash … a hospital. Normal, revenge. When he gets his hands on Luke Hobbs, he knocks him down. And we learn that he was at the origin of the fall of Han in “Tokyo Drift”. Deckard might say, “I think nasty so I’m mean.” You trust for the 8 or not?