They pretend to be heroes when they have stumbled a bunch of innocent people

Cinema 22 May, 2017

Be wary of appearances as who would say the other …
“The death of a man is a tragedy. The death of a million men is a statistic . ” I see this cynical and dark quotation from Stalin to justify the fact that we close our eyes to the crimes of these guys . Ok, we do not make omelets without breaking eggs, but we can not ignore the kills of these so-called heroes. I accuse !
Dominic Toretto and Paul Walker (Fast Furious)
With the mess they put on the road each time, Dom and Paulo should not only risk the license suspension, but also the lethal injection into a rotten jail in the United States. In return for all the innocent killed on their passage in the bottom of 6th. Just take the example of the Rio case in “Fast Five” . The duo returns the entire Brazilian city with a chest attached to the back of their crates, multiplying the pileup, especially with the cops, most of whom were doing their job . Shame on you guys!
Neo (Matrix)
He is the Chosen One, the one who must free humans from the yoke of machines … Yeah, yeah, stop your propaganda Morpheus. Your champion proved to us in “Matrix Reloaded” that he was more interested in the fate of his beautiful Trinity than that of men . I’m talking about the scene where he steals to his rescue at the speed of light, breaking through the windows of the buildings. There is a good chance that a lot of innocent people have lost an eye or life in this case. And as explained by Morpheus in the 1st episode: if you die in the womb, you die in the real life …
Professor X (X-Men 2)
Again, the spiritual father of mutants is not all clean, clean. The most badass bald on the planet (after Zizou) has blood on his hands since X-Men 2 . Okay, his mind was duped by the illusions of Jason Stryker, but he still gratified us with a beautiful genocide : first by spotting the mutants via Cerebro to whom he then spun a headache, deadly for some . And when Magneto took control of his poto Xavier, it was the humans who tasted. #QueDuSale
Danny Ocean and his crew (Ocean’s Eleven)
They have class, steer casinos sapés like jaja … in short, Danny Ocean and its flock send of the dream. But also people at the morgue. And not a little. If you remember the first film, Basher Tarr (Don Cheadle) has an unstoppable technique to bypass the security of the Bellagio: an EMP. In other words, a magnetic pulse that will paralyze all electrical systems in Las Vegas. But what the guy failed to mention is that it is not without consequences for the population . For example, the EMP has the power to dysfunction pacemakers, not to mention all road accidents caused by the absence of fires. Shame on you!
Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori (Pacific Rim)
“And do not let anything remain of this city, I want no witness”
Either the doublet of the Gipsy Danger tapped as not possible to put the kaiju Otachi out of harm’s way. But as a result of the races, the city of Hong Kong was fired and bleeding during the fight. With thousands (millions?) Of collateral victims , even the guys who were charging in the oil tanker used by the giant robot like a baseball bat. Negan loves it.
President Thomas J. Whitmore (Independence Day)
Before finding the miracle solution to penetrate the alien spacecraft to implant a virus disabling their defenses, President Thomas J. Whitmore made a decision full of consequences: he rocked OKLM a nuclear bomb on the ship that overlooked the megalopolis Of Houston (more than 2 million inhabitants) . Without success as the shield repelled the attack. On the other hand, the population has gained pretty good radiation for the decades to come. Friendly.
Bruce Nolan (Bruce Almighty)
Decked out of the powers of God, Bruce finds nothing better to regain the heart of his girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston) than to offer her big boobs and a big moon. In the first case, no one complained to me. While for the second gift, even if it’s super romantic, changing the position or size of the Moon has disastrous effects on the planet, as the satellite directly influences the tides . “Bruce kill me , ” Olivier de Kersauson.
Elsa (The Snow Queen)
Under her victim’s airs, little Elsa has also done dirty. Obliged to flee because of her powers, the Queen plunged (involuntarily) the Kingdom of Arendelle into an icy winter . How many homeless and children in the ditch have died in atrocious suffering because of his crap eh? The French want to know!