Fast and Furious 8: A spinoff around the characters of Jason Statham and The Rock in preparation

Cinema 22 April, 2017

Jason Statham and The Rock have done well in Fast and Furious 8. Good news since both actors will get a spin-off of their characters.
If there is a duet that the audience has chosen before Fast and Furious 8, which works despite the absence of Paul Walker , it is the one between Hobbs and Shaw. Respectively performed by Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, the two men have constantly swung punchlines and possess one of the most enjoyable scenes of the film: the prison . Impossible not to foresee a big potential for a spinoff which would be in preparation by the studio Universal according to the site Deadline . For the moment, little information has filtered on the future film but one thing is sure, the fans of the saga will be delighted to be entitled to a new adventure.
Of course, this spinoff could give up the car racing side for hard and hard fights. A genre in which Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson excel and became ambassadors . We can already imagine the two co-operating, not without quarreling, while fulfilling a mission that will prove both perilous and dangerous. A mission like the one on the plane in Fast and Furious 8, even more dark and boosted according to our criticism, during which Shaw shows his talents as an overtrained agent. No release date for this spinoff around the two characters but it should arrive before the ninth installment also waited impatiently. What do you think ?