Fast and Furious 8: Vin Diesel “This film must be great for Paul Walker”

Cinema 15 March, 2017

Despite the death of Paul Walker, Vin Diesel decided to start work on Fast and Furious 8. The actor explained the reason for this choice.
Fans of the Fast and Furious saga were very shocked to learn of the death of Paul Walker in 2013, so much so that the seventh episode could only be an immense tribute to the actor . In spite of this opus which can sign the end of a franchise without one of these figures stars, Vin Diesel has still wanted to play in Fast and Furious 8 (whose film soundtrack was finally unveiled!) . The latter returned to Total Film on his former comrade but also how “this film must be great for Paul Walker” . The two actors had become very friendly from the first opus and had shared the plates for almost ten years!
Vin Diesel explained “The question was not whether this film could be made without Paul but if the franchise could survive without it.” I had seen a video of him promising eight episodes and yet he was seven. Do I stopped thinking about him over time? it was the only question. Every day I was like “this film has to be great for Paul Walker” . Fast and Furious 8, whose first impressive international poster was revealed, should be the episode that the deceased actor wanted . Casting, most actors of previous episodes but also a huge international star who should boost the entries: Charlize Theron !What do you think of this interview?