Fast and Furious 8: The best action scenes of the saga!

Cinema 12 April, 2017

On the occasion of the release of Fast and Furious 8, we made a little kiff recalling the most crazy scenes of action of the saga.
It’s Wednesday, the eighth part of the saga Fast and Furious is finally released! And as much you say it sends heavy. When we thought that Fast and Furious 7 had reached the maximum that franchise can do in terms of action scenes and impressive stunts, The Fate of the Furious comes to nail us. More crazy, more boosted, darker, this Fast and Furious 8, of which you can discover our critic , has succeeded in dazzling us more. On the program: an inflamed race in the streets of Cuba, a demolition ball that destroys everything in its path, a ballet of cars controlled at a distance that ends up in a sensational pileup or even a chase with a nuclear submarine. In short, of great art, As the saga knows so well to do since its beginnings in 2001. Here, and if we took advantage to recall the most incredible scenes of action of the saga, precisely? Here we go !
1) The crossing of skyscrapers in Fast and Furious 7
If we were to summarize the saga with a single action scene, we would choose that one without hesitation. It is undoubtedly the most crazy and the most audacious. While they are pursued by Jason Statham in Abu Dhabi, Dom and Brian decide to start the $ 3.4 million Lykan Hypersport from the top of a skyscraper to pass quietly in another skyscraper , Then land in another, hundreds of meters above the ground. “Cars do not fly , ” says Brian, but with the Fast and Furious saga, nothing is impossible, obviously.
2) Parachute jumping cars in Fast and Furious 7 (again)
But after flying the Lykan Hypersport in the skies of Abu Dhabi, the Fast and Furious 7 team did not stop there and decided to blow up the cars of an airplane at more than 3600 meters from Abu Dhabi. Floor, with parachutes. The whole, with a hyper-controlled landing. In short, completely crazy. And the worst thing is that to make this scene, they really let go of free-falling cars with a parachute. Oddly, the landing did not give the same thing and the cars crashed completely (without a pilot on board, you are reassured). Do not try to reproduce at home, then.
3) The chase on the bridge in Fast and Furious 6
Already, there is a tank. On a double-deck rather high. It imposes it right away. Then there’s the jump of Roman in Brian’s Ford Escort, just before his car ends up crushed like a fly. Unsustainable. And then suddenly Dom is jumping from his car on his way (in the race, let us say more) on his side of the bridge to recover Letty in full flight, while landing calmly on the other side of the bridge, A gulf of how many meters separated them. Completely improbable and yet totally enjoyable.
4) The scene of the train in Fast 5
In the opening scene genre that sets the tone for the rest of the film, Fast 5’s is not bad! You see Dom and Brian steering a train. Unfortunately, nothing is going to happen as expected and Brian will end up jumping from the train at the last moment in Dom’s car. Besides, he jumps so much at the last moment that Dom no longer has time to brake and they find themselves thus falling off a cliff. A breathtaking scene, even if, let’s be honest, in real life, they would not have gotten out of it. But we’re not there to do in the credible, right?
5) Race in the crowded streets of Tokyo in Tokyo Drift
If the third part of the saga of Fast and Furious is not one of the most successful according to a good number of opinions, it contains one of the most stylized scenes of the saga. The one where Sean Boswell, the hero of this episode, drives his car in a huge crowd of people gathered on the famous Hachiko Square in Tokyo. In a beautiful ballet of people pushing to the side, Sean manages to make his way in a slow motion that brings everything to the aesthetics of the scene. Gorgeous.
6) The jump in the yatch in 2 Fast 2 Furious
Before Fast 5 , the saga Fast and Furious stands out more for its survitaminous races than for its spectacular stunts. But 2 Fast 2 Furious still contains a not bad in its kind: the one where Brian decides to accelerate his Camaro thoroughly to jump off the dock and land on the big villain’s yacht in order to save Monica, alias Eva Mendes. Add to that a romance in all its splendor – that is, completely hysterical – in the passenger seat and an explosion, and here you are with a really cool scene.
Clearly, with all these crazy scenes, we understand better why the budget given to material damage is also high! And you, what is your favorite action scene in the Fast and Furious saga?