Fast and Furious 8: Vin Diesel, “This film will change everything for Dom Toretto”, our interview!

Cinema 12 April, 2017

Vin Diesel is back today in his iconic role of Dom Toretto in Fast and Furious 8. On the occasion of the release of the film, discover our excluded interview!
That’s it, it’s D day for fans of big and beautiful cars and thrills, Fast and Furious 8 is out in theaters! At Melty we saw it and can tell you you will not be disappointed as it is even more boosted and darker than the previous ones . Darker, for in this eighth part, Dom Toretto is obliged to betray his family, he who claims all the way that one does not turn his back to his family. He did not have the choice and when we learn why, we soon realize that Dom Toretto will never be the same after that, and the rest of the saga with. That’s what Vin Diesel told us when we interviewed him on the occasion of the film’s release. “Before this film, Dom Toretto drove for the trip and after this film, We imagine that it will roll for the world. The world will be more important to him than before, ” he declared. We let you discover why for yourself by going to see the film. In the meantime, check out the rest of his video interview below!
We were saying that this Fast and Furious 8 was darker, but also more boosted. Yes, while we thought it was impossible, the film team managed to make even more crazy about action scenes and impressive stunts than Fast and Furious 7 and the rest of the saga. But where is the limit and what do they reserve for us, then we asked Vin Diesel! Well, know that he too is asking the question! “I can not tell you exactly what will happen next, I can only tell you that: I was inspired by the reactions of people to this film. People love this movie, love this movie, so much. It inspires me, it makes me want to go even further, to make the next even better , “He said. And after this eighth installment full of emotions, we do not doubt a single second of their ability to put us in full view again and again. The Fast and Furious saga is not ready to break down! And you what do you think ?