Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Should the series kill more characters as in The Walking Dead?

Cinema 27 January, 2017

While Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead will not be launched before the end of the summer, a question arises: Should the series kill more characters?
In the two seasons space, three people part of the main cast were killed in Fear the Walking Dead . The first death took place in the finale of season 1 and it is Liza, the ex-wife of Travis who made his last breath. The second victim of the series is none other than Chris, the son of the latter. We are not going to hide it: Travis still has the worst life, but nevertheless the disappearance of the adolescent has had the merit to put a little spice in the end of the second season. Finally, Daniel Salazar also met the Reaper. A rather disappointing season that did not fulfill all its objectives. It must be said that the show suffers from the comparison with the mother series, broadcast on the same channel. More bloody, more gore, The Walking Dead has a cast that is renewed very recurrent since many characters find death there and sometimes in horrible conditions.
So yes, the plot of Fear the Walking Dead takes place before the events of The Walking Dead. But the more we go forward in the series, the more our heroes are going to have to face dirty zombies and humans not always very honest and respectful. Obviously, they will be facing more and more danger and death and confess: we would like to see much more violence and disappearances in Fear the Walking Dead, whose shooting Season 3 has well and truly begun . The show enjoys – like TWD – a rather large cast allowing writers to kill his characters to move the intrigues, get rid of balls or even cause chain reactions. If the deaths of Liza and Chris served the story, that of Daniel clearly had no impact.
All the more so because the show never really shows us the deaths of the protagonists, unlike The Walking Dead which does not hesitate to propose scenes more and more graphic (we think especially the season 7 premiere of the show). So yes, Fear the Walking Dead is a series that aims to dig the characters more (but according to viewers, it does not shine either from that side), but do not forget that s’ Is a post-apocalyptic world that is dangerous. In order to raise the level and again fan the interest of viewers, screenwriters should think more about the issue of death in the series. In the meantime, discover the 3 most violent moments of Fear the Walking Dead ! What do you think ?