Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Will Alicia have the same evolution as Carol in The Walking Dead?

Cinema 12 March, 2017

Several months before the broadcast of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, one wonders how will evolve the character of Alicia Clark in the sequel.
Not long ago, melty was announcing bad news, as it is very likely that Fear The Walking Dead season 3 will be broadcast later than expected – that is, just after Season 7 of The Walking Dead . So we will have to take our pain patiently before finding Madison, Travis, Ofelia and the other characters and this leaves us time to speculate on their fate. Today it is Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) who is particularly interested in the different trajectories that could take her character . In seemingly gentle and harmless, Alicia has shown us more violent facets of her personality in some episodes when her life or those of her loved ones were in danger.
Carol is a woman who has been battered to the point where she has had a very interesting evolution, hardened by the different tragedies she has experienced. Like her, Alicia lost a loved one early in her plot and this showed her the new brutal rules of this apocalyptic world. Moreover, the two women are very resourceful and show courage when facing new threats. It is still early to say but it may be that Alicia continues to harden to become a true survivor in the coming seasons . The sequence is still very mysterious since AMC n ‘ Has unveiled only the synopsis and some pictures of Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead but maybe the Clark family will experience other dramas that would push Alicia out of her entrenchments and adapt to the world that the ‘ surrounded. It has already been seen after her misadventures with the “pirates” that she has become much more suspicious of the unknown and less inclined to help people simply out of kindness of heart.
It is this mixture of individualism and loyalty to their loved ones that makes the strength of characters like Alicia and Carol and it is hoped that Madison will soon see the potential of her daughter who fights with her rather than seek Continuously to rescue a son who constantly flees from it. Although Alicia still makes mistakes of beginner but it must not be forgotten that the invasion of the zombies remains relatively recent and that the experiment will come . We hope to see the group of survivors confronted with a little more infected in the sequel and we are anxious to see their interactions with the first real antagonist who should make them evolve a little. Indeed nothing like a real villain to bring out the best qualities of the characters. We do not know yet when exactly, but strongly this summer to know what awaits Alicia, Victor, Nick and all the others on AMC! What do you think ?