Fear The Walking Dead: What if Ofelia was the big villain of this season 3?

Cinema 29 June, 2017

The absence of the daughter of Salazar is becoming more and more felt in season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead. Ofelia thinks she has lost everything, and if it makes her the great villain of the show?
But where did Ofelia go in season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead ? It’s been a while since she disappeared from the radars. We saw her for the last time in the last episode of Season 2. While she was in the desert to defend herself from the dead, an armed group tried to shoot her. One of them came to her and wished her “welcome to America” . And this man was none other than Jeremiah Otto (the leader of the community in which Madison and her children are). Has she been detained as a prisoner? Since the return of the series, we still have no news of it. But Ofelia will surely not make his come back ! We now know that Oelia has been left alone in the desert and that Jeremiah does not hold her hostage in Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead . So what happened to him? Dave Erickson, the show’s showrunner had announced before the start of season 3 that a female antagonist would intervene in the show . And what if that cruel character were none other than Olylia? Before the apocalypse, Daniel Salazar’s daughter was rather calm and innocent but we all noticed that her character had strengthened after learning of her father’s murderous past. It is enough to see with what anger it completes the zombies!
The actress Mercedes Mason had indicated that Oelia thought she was an orphan and had nothing to lose . The actress had also made the connection between her character and that of Carol in The Walking Dead . Would that be a clue? If Ofelia takes this direction, it could be that she becomes the great villain of the FTWD show . We can not wait to see his come back in the series. And it will not be long on AMC . If you are a fan of this show, come and vote for the 2017 World Cup !